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Sports Lions is a digital communication agency born from the passion for the world of sport.


Sports Lions is a specialist sports marketing and communications agency. We have the pleasure of working with leading sports organisations, brands and athletes across the globe. 

From networking, consulting and video creation as well as communicating athlete as a brand, we believe in our value and impart the necessary trust to all of our customers.  

Creativity, commitment and dedication are the words that best define our agency.



At Sports Lions, we believe that sport has the power to unite people, inspire communities and create positive change.


Our mission is to bring people together through the power of sport while stimulating industry growth and innovation. 


We are committed to working with our partners, customers and stakeholders to create a better future for our employees and our communities.


Together, we are striving to create a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable world through the transformative power of sport.  

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